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App SuiteThe new publishing experience.
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API and servicesUnrivaled control and customization.
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Standard compliant infrastructureAccessible, low-cost, optimized for the web.
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The New Publishing Experience

Rich Submissions

Advanced Workflow Management

Integrated Monetization

Industry Grade Hosting


Create Or Upgrade A Journal lets you set up a journal in seconds using a modern user interface. Set up any peer review model (from single blind, to double blind, open, and beyond), create a journal workflow (add custom tasks, deadlines, and questions), and start accepting submissions. At any time, organize accepted submissions into issues.

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Publish & Review Rich Content lets you capture any research material (e.g., manuscripts, data, code, media) and ensures that they are linked (e.g., the data and code required to reproduce a figure). Coupling rich, linked content and powerful annotation features, lets you provide a better reading and peer review experience all from a web browser—even offline.

Integrated Payment Platform

Build A Publishing Business lets you turn an open access journal into a revenue-generating business with payments built in. Create any custom open access business model (e.g., submission fees, article processing charges, or other publication fees), offer any author services, and collect payments, all in one place.

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API and Services

Unrivaled control and customization.
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Powerful API, Zero Lock-in gives you full programmatic control of your publishing operation from submission to online sales via a powerful hypermedia API. Manage user identities and roles, set up journals in bulk, design editorial workflows, process payments, and access and search your data. With strict adhesion to web standards, guarantees zero lock-in and complete control over your data and processes.

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Reactive Data and Analytics monitors all data changes and user actions, from submission to online sales. Changes are exposed through a data feed, letting you react in real time and build powerful notifications, alerts, or integrations.

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Offline-first Hosting allows your data to flow seamlessly between servers and web browsers, letting you offer an offline-first user-experience while maintaining the high performance and strong reliability of a traditional hosting solution. Hosted content is available with low latency across multiple geographical zones.

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Standard Compliant Infrastructure

Accessible, low-cost, optimized for the web.
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Automated Conversion to Web Content automatically transforms author inputs (e.g., Microsoft Word or Excel documents, images, audio, video, dataset, code) into linked, structured data and production-quality HTML with formless submission—simplifying the production pipeline and reducing costs by more than 75%.

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Optimized for Search Engines

All content on is published with markup, which is understood and used by all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing) to improve search results, create richer search experiences, and increase the impact of science.

Influenza is an acute viral infection in humans.

 1  <html lang="en-US">
 2  <head>
 3  <style>
 5  </style>
 6  </head>
 7  <body prefix="schema:">
 8    <a property="schema:about"
 9       typeof="schema:Disease"
 10      href="">
 11      Influenza
 12   </a> is an acute viral infection in humans.
 13 </body>
 14 </html>

High Quality Markup uncompromisingly adheres to W3C standards and web best practices. This ensures that your content is accessible to all and loads ultra fast on mobile. It also allows your publications to join the Internet Archive, where more than 200 Billion websites are already part of humanity’s common record.