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The New Publishing Experience

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The Impact of Science

Scientists write impact statements to communicate the relevance of their work to researchers in other fields, journalists, and the general public. By ensuring impact statements are readily discoverable by any audience, maximizes the impact of your impact statements.

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The Science of Impact

Scientific research is data-rich and designed to be discovered, read, and built-upon by future scientists. With automated production to search optimized content with machine readable data and accessible markup, ensures that the best science is applied to your science.

Who Uses

Individual Researchers

Individual researchers use to self-publish their work or experiment with starting their own journals, participating in the grand design of improving Philosophical Arts and Sciences.

Scholarly Societies

Scholarly Societies use to run a 21st century publishing operation independently, experiment with new editorial and peer review workflows, and launch innovative products.


Publishers use to modernize their publishing pipeline and user experience, unify their data layer, build powerful notifications and alerts services, increase compliance with web standards, and reduce production costs.