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Move Science Forward lets you create, curate, and publish science optimized for the web.

One platform, from start to finish.

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Individual Researchers

Individual researchers use to self-publish their work, start new journals or engage in the global scientific conversation.

Scholarly Communities is the only end-to-end platform for high quality publishing at low cost. Experiment with new workflows, launch products, and run a 21st century publishing operation independently.


Publishers of all sizes use to simplify their publishing pipeline, increase compliance with web standards, and reduce production costs.

Wiley Showcase is proud to upgrade the publishing pipeline of leading organizations such as Wiley.

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Intelligent Submissons

Cost effective, end-to-end solution, native to the web.
format conversion

Modern publishing pipeline automatically transforms author inputs (Microsoft Word or Excel documents, images, audio, video, dataset, code, ...) into linked, structured data and HTML—simplifying the production pipeline and reducing production costs by more than 75%.

responsive rendering

Offline-first responsive content

High quality, responsive, HTML content, available on every device—even offline. also exports to EPUB and print-ready PDF, directly from HTML.

detail of an annotation

Rich Peer review

Reviews or comments can be attached to any region of a manuscript whether online or offline. Reviews are resilient to content modification and persist across the lifecycle of manuscript revisions.


Integrated editorial workflow management helps editors optimize their workflow. Find journals, editors, or reviewers based on recommendations powered by the scientific knowledge graph. Access production-quality versions of all submitted content at any time. Create custom workflows from web browsers in seconds.

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Built On Open Web Standards

Scholarly publishing the way it was intended to be.

Influenza is an acute viral infection in humans.

 1    <htmllang="en-US">
 2        <head>
 3            <style>
 5            </style>
 6        </head>
 7        <bodyprefix="schema:">
 8            <a property="schema:about"
 10               typeof="schema:InfectiousDisease"
 11               href="">
 12              Influenza
 13          </a> is an acute viral infection in humans.
 14      </body>
 15   </html>

Markup for Humans and Machines produces Scholarly HTML, uncompromisingly enabling structured metadata, accessibility, and internationalization.

rich snippets

Natively understood by search engines

More than 60% of researchers start their search for scholarly articles on search engines, vs. 2% on publishers' websites. enriches article content with markup, which is understood and used to improve search results by all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing). Meet users where they are searching.

email-based action

Actionable Emails adds standardized markup to emails, making structured data available to a growing ecosystem of applications. Increase users’ engagement with interactive buttons and highlights in emails. Let users take quick actions right from the inbox. Benefit from rich integrations with calendar applications and intelligent personal assistants.

hypercubes of hypermedia API

Zero Lock-in exposes a standards compliant, self-documented hypermedia API, enabling applications and services to describe the actions they enable and how these actions can be invoked—without any vendor lock-in.

scientific knowledge graph icon

Scaled to the Scientific Knowledge Graph

Data-rich, discoverable science, available everywhere.
scale up area of the graph

Deep Indexing empowers authors to index and classify articles at submission, from their web browsers, in seconds.

rich content

Verifiable results understands and exposes the dependencies between narrative, figure, media, data, and code. Results become easier to verify and to build upon.

linked content

Optimized for discoverability enriches author content with metadata understood by all the major search engines. Content is upgraded to 5-star linked data so that authors maximize the discoverability of their work.

concept subscriptions

Natively Semantic Hosting offers Natively Semantic Hosting (NaSH) and distributes scientific content in JSON-LD and RDFa-enriched HTML5. Scientific Content is available globaly with low latency and high data transfer speeds.


One platform, from start to finish.
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