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Break-even APC simulator
Break-even APC simulator
This simulator (formaly defined here) calculates the lowest APC that cancels costs.
Break-Even APC:$158.40
Average number submission received per month
Average number of months required to process 1 submission
Average number of editors required to process 1 submission
Average number of submission that an active user can process concurrently
Proportion of submission for which an APC is collected


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1. Plan includes 1 journal staff and unlimited journals and submissions. Authors and reviewers are always free, and an unlimited number of journal staff (editors and producers) can be registered for free on any journal. only charges for editors and producers actively using the platform (excluding dedicated production assistant). Editors and producers are counted as active for a given month when they are involved with submissions in preparation, review or production. Journals are responsible for payment processing fees, refunds and chargebacks on any revenue earned on (including from APCs and any paid author services offered by the journal on Monthly revenue earned on below monthly costs are processed without additional fees. Monthly revenue above monthly costs incur a 30% fee.
2. Production assistance can be used to provide semantic typesetting for up to 4 submissions per month (with unlimited revisions per submission). Semantic typesetting enables journals to support any author input format and offer authors formless submission as well as peer review on production quality content.